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The rubik's cube table that lights up!
You have to check out the new Rubik's Cube Table from www.BarChefs.com. This will make the perfect addition to your recreation and gaming rooms. Each table has a scratch resistant clear acrylic top for protection and you can order it with an optional hidden center compartment on top which holds a rechargeable battery for cordless operation. The solid acrylic design means it will last for years. Check out the Rubik's Cube Table today from BarChefs.

The Portable Peg Board Display Wall that Lights Up
We are taking peg board walls to new heights with this LED Light up peg board design. Easy to transport, set up, and change colors. If you don't want your customers just walking by your products then this new LED display is just for you. Make it blink, flash, fade, or just stay solid colors. The easy to remove triangular bases can be installed or removed in seconds with just two thumb screws making them great for tradeshows.

Each board is 72x36 and has 105 holes for pegs. You'll get 120 pegs in case you loose a couple. The pegs even start to glow when inserted so it's really fun to see the unit with it's lights changing. When off the unit appears as just a clear wall but the magic happens when you turn it on. We use some of the same materials touchscreen monitors are designed with to achieve this cool lighting effect. Since we are the manufacturer we can custom design these to your companies specifications as well. Brand it, light it, and sell more of your products with our LED Portable Light up Peg Board Walls.

Up Light Series LED Shelves

It's no secret that BarChefs.com is the king of light up shelving and we are adding a new line of LED shelves available in 12" incremements. The new "UP Light Series" shelves are named so because powerful rows of LED lights are focused straight up where you need it most. If your in the bar industry you want to increase sales to the max and if your customers don't see your product they will not buy it. That's why we have created a shelf that will focus your customers eye balls where you want them most.

These shelves are solid cast acrylic and will not yellow over time and have  high gloss solid white surfaces when the lights are off. The shelf sits flat on any typical shelf bracket and they measure 9" deep and just under 3/4" thick (.708). Change them to any color on demand with the touch of a button. For more information visit click here.

Hottest Light Up Table Designs on the Market

BarChefs is doing it again with their latest light up table design to hit the market. Their Waterfall Series LED tables feature seamless light up transitions from the table's surface to the side panels. The included remote will allow you to change the color of your table to any color with the touch of a button. This sleek modern table is now available only at www.BarChefs.com

Light up ping pong tables that wow the crowd

Light Up Ping Pong Tables Redesigned

BarChefs' legendary lighted ping pong tables have been updated with a new design and we wanted everyone to see. The new design features stronger legs with rolling fully locking casters that make room to room transport a breeze. The lighted playing surface well speaks for it's self. The lights can even flash when the balls bounce on the surface. Play ping pong like a champ on our LED light up ping pong tables and be the talk of the town! 

Qaulity LED Lighting Supplier here in the USA
Did you know that www.BarChefs.com carries all the popular flexible LED lighting strips right here in the USA. We service, warranty, and even provide phone support for all of our products. With the wide abundance of LED tape available there is an even wider gap in quality. Go with BarChefs a leading supplier of LED lighting and a trusted name in the industry. For more information on all of our LED light strips and controllers click here. Get help on the phone or watch any of our quick instructional lighting videos on each product's page.

Light Up Party Rental Decor
BarChefs.com is a leading supplier of acrylic columns, pedestals, and decor. Our designs offer many benefits for party rental companies.

These are not just open boxes. Everything is designed for ease of operation. On the bottom of our lighted mini columns you'll find everything is sealed in and ready for plug and play operation. We'll save you labor right off the bat. Next each unit is designed with recessions underneath to house a rechargeable batteries. We all know you don't want cords running through the place so we have that covered as well. Your rechargeable battery pops in quickly for cordless operation.

The new mini columns are 12x12x32 and can be used a straight lighted decor, LED drink tables, and more. The small size allows easy transport to and from your special events.

If your party rental company is looking for the latest in light up decor and furniture products then look no further!

Built in the USA and ready to help you increase your bottom line. Check out www.BarChefs.com today!

Light Up Liquor Bottles Steps for Back of the Bar

At BarChefs.com you can choose virtually any type of light up liquor bottle shelves known to man. We offer 1,2,3, and 4 level bottle steps in 12" increments up to 8' long. Just choose the light up display that fits your back bar area. If we don't have the exact size you want then just give us a call and we'll custom build to your sizes. We are the largest builder of solid acrylic back bars in the USA with volume comes benefits like better craftsmanship, proven designs, lighting with not hotspots, better pricing, and an overall better buying experience for your brand. Check out all of our lighted shelving designs today.

Light Up Shelf Designs
Consider adding t0 the atmosphere of your home with some BarChefs.com light up shelves. We offer a huge selection of single or multi level wall mount and floating style shelves with color changing LED lights. Also, check out our counter top step style shelving designs.

Most of the shelves we carry are ready to purchase in lengths of 1 to 8 feet, in any 12 inch increment. If one of those sizes does not fit your needs contact us and we can custom size any of our shelving units.

The shelving lights even change color, so when you want to change
it up, just click the remote for any color on demand, or you use the fun color changing light programs to alternate.

Most of our floating LED shelves include hardware. See the products description page for details.

Counter top lighted shelves are made to rest on your counter and come not only in 12" increments, but every size in 1 to 3 tiers as well.

A crowd favorite is our edge lit shelving series which appear clear when the lights are off. The same material has been used in the production of touchscreen systems.

BarChefs.com looks forward to helping you with all of your light up shelf designs. Architects, business owners, and savvy home shoppers are going to love us.

Light up floating wall shelves add ambience to any room
Floating Light Up Wall Shelves

BarChefs.com has launched a completely new line of light up wall shelves to their already impressive selection. This new line of floating LED wall shelves comes with a wooden cleat that will allow you to mount it directly to a wall. Just large enough for bottles, frames, or anything you would like to bring attention to.
These solid cast acrylic shelves can change color with the touch of your remote control. Just plug them in and your shelf will light up any color.

Available now on our site in increments of every 12" or just contact us to order your own custom length and dimensions.

Since we are the manufacturer we can custom design, spec, and build your lighted shelves the way you want, with the trim you want, and the shapes you want. For more information check out our floating light up wall shelves now.

Dancing platforms that light up

Dancing Platforms that Light Up

The 36x36x30 Color Cube Lighted Dancing Platform is another www.BarChefs.com design made for venues, nightclubs, and bars. These solid acrylic dancing stages light up any color with remote control and are built with thick heavy 3/4" acrylic tops and bottoms. This makes them durable and strong. The center is has an interior column support allowing these cubes to support a very large amount of weight. Easily load them 600 lbs plus. Underneath you'll find height adjustable stem glides and a recessed rechargeable battery compartment for optional wireless lighting. We are the manufacture so we can custom size any of our products on demand. For more information on our large light up dance platforms click here.

Light Up Table Tennis - Lighted Ping Pong Tables
Light Up Table Tennis - Lighted Ping Pong Tables
Check out our light up table tennis boards. These glowing ping pong tables feature lighted boundaries and lighted interior panels. The center panels come standard with infinity mirrors that transform into diffused glow panels. You can even add your own panels like diamond plated steel, painted plywood, or just load the blank chambers with something cool like ping pong balls.
The lighted ping pong tables split into two halves for easy storage. Lighting programs included offer hundreds of moving color changing programs. For more information click here.

Light Up Dessert and Cupcake Stand

Light Up Dessert and Cupcake Stand

Cupcake display stands are not what they used to be. Welcome to the future. Here is the 5 level lighted cupcake tower by barchefs.com

It changes colors, works without cords, and lights up from every angle. Lighting up your cupcakes will create a whole new level of excitement. Kids go crazy over them. As an event planner give your clients all kinds of new ideas at birthdays, weddings, and even in your bakery.

When off it looks pretty darn cool too!

View this dessert display stand at by clicking here.

Remember we are the manufacturers. We build them, we can change them, we can brand them.

Now lets eat some sweets.

We have the technology. We can make signs better, stronger, faster!

Six Million Dollar Signs

If you've never seen the intro to the six million dollar man then that might make this blog's title seem a little odd. However, many of the products we build at www.BarChefs.com make me want to say this to customers. We really do make some awesome products and our light box signs are less expensive, better looking, and do their job better than most other signs out there. Throw in the fact that we can easily custom size or shape our lighted signs and, well you get the picture.

 Light Box Signs

These signs pictured to the left come in varying shapes or rectangles and squares. We offer several sizes in each model but you can custom order these with a simple phone call. All sign prices on our site include your choice graphics in the price.

These signs come ready for plug and play operation. Standard options include white lighting with the option to upgrade to remote controlled color changing lights.

View our light box signs here. Remember that we'll need your logo file in a ready to print vector based format. This allows us to scale your logo to the proper size without distortion.

 Edge Lit Signs

We also carry a great selection of LED edge lit signs like one of our ready to purchase signs to the right. Again, just upload your desired graphics at checkout and we put them on your sign at no extra charge.

 Hanging Two Sided Signs

We even make signs that are visible from two sides like this one here. This two sided light box sign hangs from a hook any where you want. This way traffic can see your message on either side. This lighted signs includes your graphics at no extra charge too!
Custom Shaped LED Signs

Here is a neat sign where we profiled the outside edge to match the customers provided graphics file. If you have a custom sign idea get in touch with us today!

The little round light up risers for food displays and catering!
Have your seen the CaterROUNDS light up circular risers at www.BarChefs.com?

These decorative little 8" circular risers come in several sizes to help you create the perfect look at your next catering event. They are made with solid cast acrylic as we never use plastics in our designs. This offers several benefits to catering companies as your LED risers will never yellow in the sunlight and will have nice flat surfaces for placing your items. Plastics do yellow over time and the tops are generally uneven. Also, cast acrylic just looks much nicer with it's high gloss modern appearance off or on.

When designing these lighted risers we asked what caterers needed and built them around your suggestions. Each riser can run with or without plugs. Underneath, you'll find a recessed compartment that houses the optional rechargeable battery packs. All caterROUNDS operate on universal remotes too, so that you can change them on the fly in seconds with one click.

If your still using outdated risers on your food displays be sure to check out caterROUNDS today!

Light Up Cubes for Party Rentals

Light up party rental cubes

While this is definitely one of our more simple designs we still offer a light up a cube that is of much higher quality than our nearest competitors.

To begin with there are many similar versions being produced in China and imported in. These are typically built with PE material or plastics. The lighted cubes produced by www.barchefs.com are built with 100% cast acrylic and never any plastics. Cheaper plastic light cubes will have wavy surfaces, a milky appearance that will yellow over time, and are more flimsy. Our acrylic cubes will never yellow in the sunlight, have a super flat surface, and the material appears as a modern high gloss surface that you can not see through. The materials used are a key difference in the cost differences.

Next, all of barchefs cubes come standard with built height adjustable feet while the competition has nothing. The means you can level the cube on uneven surfaces and protect if from damaging surfaces.

When it comes to lighting there are many choices on the market. Many so called lighted cubes may not include lighting and require the customer to provide it, while some may have a small light that just sits on the floor. Others may even only include single color lighting. The options may be satisfactory for some but our LED cubes come with everything already integrated. Flip any of our cubes over and you can access the rechargeable battery in seconds. The lights are tucked away nice and safe in the unit for protection and always ready to shine. Simply plug your battery or wall plug in for instant action. In addition our lighting is standard with full color changing options at your control. Use the remote and instantly change colors, flash, strobe, adjust brightness, pattern speed, and more. For event professionals are cubes will save you time, hassle, and space. In addition, it's important to note that our lighting systems are designed for each product to give a nice solid lighting effect without hot spots seen in nearly all other competitors.

Our light up box design has been tried and tested with thousands sold! They have been used in nightclubs, bars, tradeshows, homes, and you name it. For a quality product you can count on be sure to research our products.

If you have want to see a list of the sizes we stock click here, but remember we can custom size of any of our designs to your needs. We are the factory!

The lightweight portable bar that lights up
If you work as an event bartender, catering professional, or party rental supply business then you must check out our portable folding bar and valet table. Not only is it the lightest portable bar of it's kind, but it lights up! The frame is constructed with solid aluminum and welded in house. Full color changing lights are then installed inside to light up your cast acrylic panels. Each panel slides out in seconds for easy branding and graphics additions. Each light up bar weighs about 36lbs out of the case. You can even run them without cords on our optional rechargeable batteries. For more information click here


Increase sales with a lighted rear access counter shelf
Check out one of our acrylic retail shelving designs. This light up rear access display will change to any color with remote control. The clear window housing is removable allowing you to offer full frontal or employee only access only.

This is just another BarChefs.com original retail display design, but we can custom size or build any of our items to your companies specifications. These products look spectacular with branding as well so ask us about our high density prints designed for our lighted displays.

For more information on this lighted countertop shelf click here.

Light Up Cornhole Boards Set Redesigned
BarChefs.com, the original all light up cornhole board designer has just upgraded their design.

From the outside you'll still see the same great full color changing light up cornhole boards. However we have made several design changes to increase durability and excitement.

All lighting is now integrated into channels for greater protection from the elements. It's also all waterproof now for protection on those damp lawns.

The batteries have been upgraded to a larger sealed lead acid. This makes the play time longer with an average 6 hours between charges.

Wooden bases that hold your lighted cornhole game up now include dry erase back sections. This allows you to do team names or keep score.

The front trim section is now made with a section of polished aluminum angle. It's tougher and looks great!

Lastly, the thickness of the outer walls has been increased for durability.

These boards are shipped in a custom built wooden freight case for safe shipping.

Liven up your catering risers and stands

Do you know a catering company or bakery still stuck in the stone age with their risers and props?

Guide them on over to www.BarChefs.com to choose from dozens of ready to go acrylic light up cake & catering displays.

We make dozens of ready to go lighted displays.

LED Cake Pads
Lighted cupcake pyramid displays
Glowing risers
Light up fruit & garnish trays
Lots more!

If one of our ready to use products does not fit your design we can custom build. Since we're the manufacturer custom designs are just a phone call away. Chances are that if you can draw your design we can build it.

Most of our items are made with catering companies in mind. We know that plugs are not always available at off site events.
That's why most of our products integrate with rechargeable battery packs for wireless operation. We try to ask the questions you would ask.

Our items are made with top notch stuff too.

The lights are rated at over 50,000.

We never use cheap plastics in our designs.

Our people are always ready to communicate by phone or email.

If you want a light up catering or cake stand be sure to check us out online or give a call. We'd love to discuss your store or offsite catering display ideas.

Lighted Bottle Steps

BarChefs.com is a leading manufacturer and designer of lighted bar steps. Many of our designs have changed the face of how LED bottle displays are imagined. Not only have we taken design to the forefront but we've tested dozens of shapes, sizes, and lighting schemes to tackle questions most often asked by bar owners.

PRO Series displays offer slightly brighter lighting and higher steps per level than our standard models, and feature twice the lighting and a 5" high by 5" deep shelf, while standard versions are 3.5" high by 4.75" deep. Above you can see two versions of our PRO Series lighted bottle step in different levels and lengths.

Another popular design are wraparound lighted bar steps like what is pictured above. This style can be accessed from a 360 degree range. The bottoms are typically machined to house a no hot spot lighting system and hidden plug recession. In this photo you can see how lighting is positioned to best fill all areas.

Above you can see two examples of black sided lighted liquor bottle steps. BarChefs.com does not use wood in this style. Black acrylic is used to create a high gloss uniform siding as opposed to painted wood.

Above you can see an very cool custom design we offer. You imagination is the limit when it comes to custom light up liquor displays for your bar or nightclub. If you can sketch your idea out on paper we can create a 3d render of your design for approval. This acrylic lighted bottle displays are perfect for branding as well so contact us for details. Be sure to fan us on facebook to view hundreds of photos of custom designs we have done in the past at www.Facebook.com/BarChefs.

The Light Up Shelving Unit

Light Up Shelving Unit

Here's the latest lighted wall shelving concept from BarChefs.com! This futuristic acrylic wall shelving unit is filled with LED lights allowing it to change colors via remote control. When turned off the surface has a high gloss modern appearance. The bottom has height adjustable feet to help it stand strong on any surface.

This unit is perfect for any business or home that wants to liven up their shelving area with lights All lighted shelving designs as see below are built in house by the BarChef's team. We never import or use cheap plastics. Contact us today for more information or visit us online at www.BarChefs.com.

Light up portable bar and valet table
Here is the portable lighted mini bar and valet table from BarChefs.com

This great LED portable bar weighs only 35lbs and is a breeze to transport. It folds up in seconds and can easily be handled by just one person.

Order with a rechargeable battery package to run at tradeshows and events with no cords. 

The cast acrylic panels are perfect for branding with your logo or company message. They slide in and out for easy access as well. The means you can insert different types of paneling like acrylic mirror, diamond plate aluminum, and more.

Use the supplied remote control to make it light up any color or put it one of the color change modes to really get attention.

The custom welded aluminum frame makes it very durable for years to come. The bottom of the frame has height adjustable feet for uneven surfaces.

Check out our lighted portable bar today!

Light up table design
Light Up Table & Surface Design

Welcome to BarChefs.com a leading designer of LED tables, surfaces, and furniture in the USA. We bring your bar, nightclub, restaurant, and tradeshow designs to life. We offer a huge variety of standard light up tables on our site that can be easily purchased right now. Also, we build dozens of custom LED tables each month upon request. Just contact us for more details. To the left you can see one of our DESIGN Series light up end tables. This table features solid acrylic design with color changeable LED Lights. Personally, I keep one in my child's bedroom and it makes a great night light.

To the right is our SIMPLISTIC Series 36" LED Table. It's designed to have a clean cut appearance. The frame is welded in house from aluminum tube and the top is solid acrylic. Just use the remote to change colors. You can even add a rechargeable battery upgrade, that hides underneath, to run these at offsite events for up to 12 hours. Check our site to see other common table sizes.

Next, check out this hexagon shaped lighted dining table to the left. This is sure to please your dinner crowd. The unlighted edge style you see here we call our standard led table design. The clamshell design features a wooden substrate underneath. This is important as it allows you to easily remove or change the table bases as desired. This way you can even use bases you already own saving you tons of money.

This is just a very small selection of our designs. We have dozens of ready to go lighted table styles available and hundreds of custom designs behind us. Check out our site at www.BarChefs.com for all of your light up table design needs. Here are a few more random shots to enjoy.



This is how you build an awesome light up bar surface
BarChefs, a light up furniture fabrication company, is constantly designing different bar surfaces and light up counters for venues, restaurants, and nightclubs. Here's an awesome futuristic style acrylic bar surface that was designed for Flame nightclub. The zig zag lighting bars inside create hundreds of different visuals. This design was created to be assembled on site in 4 sections and features all the standard bar needs like depressed spill mats and a wooden substrate for easy mounting to your bar base.

The magic motion lighting controls can change colors, speed, shapes, directions, and much more. The only way to really understand it watch the video demonstration linked here.